Monday, December 14, 2009


:) I havent posted for a while. 15 days. Eek! Life has been, what can I say, insanely busy? I'm now on my last week of school before Christmas break, which means teachers pile on lots of homework. Yipee. Anyways, my cousin got married this past weekend and I took pics at his wedding. All I can say is that is was so fun. Their main photographer was an indoor photographer, so we never went outside to take pictures. Not as much my style but the pictures turned out neat :) I loveloveLOVE taking wedding pictures though! I'm super excited too, I'll be second shooting some more weddings in 2010. That will be amazing. So anyways, below is only one, sorry! I would post more but I seriously dont have time. I cant WAIT till next week! I'll try to post more from the wedding and catch up on some other photoshoots. Hope you all are having a fun Christmas season!!

P.s. Pardon the blurriness, the original looks nothing like this. =/


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  1. Congrats on getting to second-shoot a bunch of weddings! I hope you have lots of fun! =)
    Have you tried using photobucket for your pics? Kristen does it, and at first I didn't know how to get the sizes the same, but once I learned, it saved me so much time, and my pics always come out the way I want them too! =)