Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year...


Its 2010. Twenty Ten, Two Thousand Ten, not sure what to call it yet! Its actually really exciting. Its already been another decade. The past ten years are full of wonderful memories for me. I remember New Years Eve night in 1999, when a new century was about to come. I remember when I met some girls when I was 7, and they are my best friends to this day. I remember seeing a tornado, breaking my huge fear of snakes, pulling my first all nighter, tripping and falling all the way down the stairs, flying a tiny airplane for my 12th birthday, and other random stuff :)

Anyways, when it comes to photography, 2009 was really the year I grew the most in it so far. I got my first SLR at the end of 2008, so I used it a ton this past year. I got hired for my first photography photoshoot, and found out thats really something I enjoy doing. Its my favorite hobby and a super fun job! So, approximately one year ago, on January 2nd, I took this picture.


Honestly, this is one of my favorite pictures, even though it wasnt that popular on my flickr. Blogger doesnt give it full justice, here is the original: I felt like posting something older :) Thanks for all your sweet comments and encouragments this past year! Trust me, its helped... so much.

Happy New Year!


  1. happy new year! :D i can't believe we are in a new decade!

  2. Happy New Year! And that photo is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. what a sweet post =) happy 2010! It's almost surreal still =P to new friends =) xx <3 savanna

  4. ahh I never saw this before now! I gotta go comment on your flickr ;)