Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katie and Alexis: Senior Shoot in Washington D.C

Katie and Alexis are 18-year-old twin girls full of spunk, joy, and laughter. Taking their senior pictures on a 70 degree day in Washington D.C was fantastic, and a ton of fun. Thank you for hiring me girls. :)

 photo blog1_zpsf8787136.jpg

 photo blog2_zps30401978.jpg

 photo blog4_zps15dcff4f.jpg

 photo blog3_zpsa5f93a6a.jpg

 photo blog6_zpsb065799d.jpg

 photo blog7_zpsc1b3f72f.jpg

 photo blog15_zps9c8bc3f4.jpg

 photo blog8_zps9004c2ab.jpg

 photo blog9_zps28cabcd1.jpg

 photo blog10_zps990bf67a.jpg

 photo blog11_zps7a8a79f7.jpg

 photo blog12_zps755245d4.jpg

 photo blog13_zpsf76e489e.jpg

 photo blog14_zps4df33dfe.jpg

 photo blog17_zps00eaafa6.jpg

 photo blog16_zpsc10ec65a.jpg

 photo blog19_zpsb8da1d11.jpg

 photo blog18_zps73c36ad9.jpg

 photo blog21_zps50f33e59.jpg

 photo blog22_zps921b6bb4.jpg

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